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What makes ducted air conditioning in Sydney the best choice for your home?

For both heating and cooling your home, ducted air conditioning installation is one of the most energy efficient solutions. This allowing you to save on your energy bills and be more environmentally friendly.

Saving Money:

For both heating and cooling your home, ducted air conditioning installation is one of the most energy efficient solutions. This allowing you to save on your energy bills and be more environmentally friendly.

With ducted air conditioning, zones can be created within your property. With multiple zones, there is no need to heat or cool rooms which are not in use. For example, you can just cool your sleeping areas at night and living areas during the day. This, reducing the running costs of the system and also saving energy.

Tailored System:

Flexibility is one of the main advantages of a ducted air conditioning system. You can create a tailored system suited to the specific needs of your home since the ducting can be installed almost anywhere throughout a property. For maximum efficiency and performance, most experienced technicians will spend the time to design the right layout of the ducting for your home. Ducting can be placed above the ceiling with vents pointing down, so you can obtain all of the benefits of an efficient ducted system without compromising the aesthetics of your home décor.

Improving features of your home:

Most homeowners like to keep an eye on the potential resale value of their home although you may have no intention of selling your property in the near future. An installation of this type of system can be considered a real investment in your home since the ductwork tends to be very low maintenance.

Even if the main unit needs to be replaced in the years to come, potential buyers will be able to appreciate that the ductwork is already in place. The system will provide efficient heating and cooling with regular maintenance and replacing components in a ducted system.

An efficient tailored solution for your home is provided by ducted air conditioning systems. You may find that the long-term benefits make it a great option for you while the initial cost may be more compared to mobile units or split systems.

More about ducted air conditioning

Along with the benefit of ducted air conditioning cooling your home in summer, a reverse cycle system also allows you to keep your home warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. Regardless of the time of the year, opting for a ducted system allows you to control the temperature of your home. To ensure that all areas can enjoy an optimum temperature, the ducts are placed throughout your home in the most used areas.

Old and New Properties:

Those with a new property may already find ducted air conditioning installed. However, even your older properties can also have ducted air conditioning installed. To determine the installation options, you will need to speak to an air conditioning specialist who can assess the property.

To provide the most efficient solutions, the choice of system will be influenced by the layout and age of your home. Standard installation is to have the ducts installed in the ceiling in the roof space for example, but this may not be possible in all homes, so you may have to go with installing ducts under the floor.

Things to consider for your ducted air conditioning heating system:

Before installing a new system, there are a number of factors which needs to be considered. Whether your home is single or double story and whether there is outdoor space for the unit are the primary considerations. Where the ducts are installed and whether additional components will be required or not is what will be affected by this.

The layout of your home will determine the number of outlets required and this will also determine whether you wish to divide your home into zones or not. Having different areas with independent control is what zoning will allow. Heating and cooling temperatures can be tailored according to your personal preferences.

Limitations for the ducted systems:

To conclude, one of the most efficient methods of heating and cooling your home is through ducted reverse cycle air conditioning but, for your property this might not necessarily be the best option.

This type of system has many limitations. If you live in an apartment, there may be no space above the ceiling or below the floor to install the ductwork for example. You will have the ducting boxed against the walls which would can reduce the aesthetic appeal of the home.

Whether you have outdoor space to install the air conditioner unit is another restriction. It is always a good idea to seek professional assistance to make sure that you choose the most efficient system.

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