How to reduce your ducted air conditioning costs

A well-maintained and well-serviced ducted air conditioning system will be using 15% to 40% less energy than one which is neglected. So, to achieve this saving, do you require a professional assistance?

To improve and maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning units there are simple actions which can be taken. It’s best to leave them to the experts when it comes to highly-end technical tasks.

It should always be left at the hands of professionals when it comes to air conditioner adjustments and repairs. An air conditioning technician should be the only person servicing refrigerant gases, compressors, fans, coils, electrical starters, thermostats, overload switches, control systems, remote sensing and many other components.

Why is it important to service a ducted air conditioning system?

To keep your ducted air conditioning Sydney summer ready it is always advisable to keep it well maintained. To avoid malfunction it is critical, especially when your ac system is in use throughout summer. Regular maintenance and cleaning could save you from disaster when your really need a working system. If you don’t service your ducted air conditioning in Sydney on a regular basis, you could be left in a hot situation.

There’s also those who suffer from allergies who can be affected by a system which hasn’t been serviced. Air conditioning systems capture dirt, dust, pollen, smoke and mould spores which could increase the rate of allergies. This leads to a whole other reason why yearly cleaning and servicing is a must.

When it comes to such issues it is hard to see how some people can afford to ignore it. Many neglect the importance of servicing altogether or try to find an amateur who will be charging them a lower price instead of hiring a professional. Having a professional service your ducted system at the right time will ensure you have a comfortable & safe summer for you and your family.

What is involved when servicing an air conditioning unit?

When an air conditioning professional comes out to service your system they will start with identifying the problem and then proceeding with the repair work accordingly, if there are parts which need to be repaired or replaced.

A repair man will often start by checking for inadequate or uneven cooling. Checks for the leakage of water, major temperature fluctuations, noisy air handlers and power issues all take place. By following a list of checks, your AC repair man will identify and diagnose any problems with your air conditioning.

During a service, a professional technician will clean the evaporator and condenser coils, check the refrigerant pressures and adjust and lubricate the moving parts. The system needs to be topped up if there is not enough refrigerant gas. The gas is tested by checking the pressures in the unit. Leading to the failures or inefficiencies, the technician also looks for other symptoms and rectifies them.

How often do you require a professional air conditioning servicing?

The frequency of servicing an air conditioning system depends on how much the cooling system operates. The following are the recommended intervals at which you should service your system:

Hottest regions – Once/Twice a year

Warmer regions – every 2 to 3 years

Colder regions – every 3 to 5 years

For a system over 10 years old, it’s worth assessing whether a fix is more cost-effective to replacing it. To determine this, speak to a technician and get an idea of the expense compared to how long repairs will last. Make sure that you are choosing a good and reputable company when seeking this advice.

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