4 Air Conditioning System Maintenance Tips You Must Follow

So your air conditioning system is not working properly; it’s not cooling or heating as much as it should in summer or winter. Chances are that you’re neglecting its maintenance.

Like any other electronic gadget it also demands proper care and maintenance since debris and dust clogs the cooling fins; decreases the coolant level or a dirty blower fan filter might be the culprit behind its poor efficiency. In a nut shell, a number of factors may affect the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Following a few easy and simple household maintenance tips can help you maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning system in Sydney. These will also help your home or office maintain proper temperature while saving on the energy bills.

# 1  Clean or replace air filters

Cleaning the air conditioner air filter must be your priority if you want to maintain your ducted air conditioner unit. You should do it regularly, especially during peak seasons like summer and winter in Sydney. When dust and debris settles in the filters, and the air flow decreases; it makes your system work harder than it should have to. You should also place the air filter behind the return air grille on a wall.

# 2 Take care of wiring and other components

Uncover the access panel and check it to find out any sign of overheating such as melted insulation on wires or burned wires. If it’s so make sure they are tight.  Also check the contactor switch and replace it immediately if there are excessive pitting.

#3 Clean the condenser

Condenser fins consists fine metallic blades, and these may get dirty as central fan sucks dust and other allergens. The debris blocks the airflow and poorly affects the working efficiency of your air conditioning unit.  Also check the status the fan mounted on the top of the outside condenser unit.

# 4 Check the thermostat

Make sure that your thermostat is working properly and keeps your home at right temperature. In case you have an older thermostat, replace it with programmable model. It will allow you to set the temperature higher even when you are not at your home. So when your home starts cooling down 30 minutes before you reach your home.

Summing up…

Following the above tips will increase the efficiency of air conditioner and save from unwanted breakdowns and excess energy bills.

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