The functionalities of Ducted Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is a notion which comes across as being fairly new and modern for those who are amongst us who have achieved a certain age.

Gone are the days of working in a smoke-filled office environment. The only air conditioning comprised of an open window, which if the wind blew in the wrong direction made the matter even worse. Here’s a quick history of how air conditioning has made all of our lives more comfortable…

The Evolution of Air Conditioning

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Evidence of air conditioning can be traced as far back as ancient Rome. Back then water was drawn from aqueducts and passed through the walls of some of the salubrious dwellings. To cool buildings during the hotter months, in the medieval Persia cisterns and wind towers were used.

Things have moved along a tad since then. As opposed to the external weather conditions in order to determine the humidity, temperature and general environment within, the modern systems are designed to enable the occupants of a building. Rendering natural ventilation impractical because of external wind speed factors.

Air Conditioning Now

Now, in 2018 we can control our systems at the click of a button through our smartphones. We can also time it right to have our homes at the perfect temperature when we arrive. How things have changed!

Air conditioning equipment is now in practically all residential and office environments. We have air conditioning on our trains, planes & buses allowing passengers to travel in comfort through all conditions without it being necessary to wind down the windows. Pretty much all modern motor vehicles come equipped with built-in systems. Even hosting a tournament like a soccer World Cup finals in Qatar in 2022 is achievable thanks to air-conditioning.

With a variety of speeds and efficiency levels as well as being available over a wide price range, there are a whole host of different systems which are available in the market now. Both wall mounted and ducted air conditioning units are now available for practically any indoor space.

The modern application of AC has transformed our living and the working experiences for the better. Pretty much anywhere in the world we go, this wonderful technology keeps us comfortable.

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